How to Prevent Aids

Do you think you could get AIDS by...
sharing a bathroom?
eating food that was cooked by someone that has AIDS?
giving blood at a blood drive?
coughing or sneezing?
shaking hands?
being bitten by a mosquito or a tick?
touching someone who is sweating that has AIDS?
swimming in a pool?
You can't get AIDS by doing any of these things, although many people think you can. You can't get AIDS by being near or touching someone who has AIDS. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is spread through the blood. HIV does not travel as tears, air, or sweat. If you find a used needle on the ground, don't touch it. Especially if you have an open cut. The blood from the needle might have HIV in or on it. You can kiss a person infected with HIV on the cheek, but you shouldn't do any big, deep kissing since small amounts of HIV have been found in saliva.
You can get AIDS by:
blood transfusions ( not very common anymore).
being born with it.
having unprotected sex with someone who has AIDS.
finding a used needle on the ground, picking it up, and getting the infected blood into an open wound.
getting blood from someone else's cut who has AIDS, into yours.